back to nature to Tanakita

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  • Wyndjo
    • May 2013
    • 4

    back to nature to Tanakita

    If you like to spend a night under the moonlight and bright stars, breeze and fog. If you like to row a raft in the beatiful lake surrounded with pines. If you like to see a waterfall then going down the stream by tubing. Just come to Tana Kita Five Star Camp at Situgunung, Sukabumi, West Java. Click

    My family had enjoyed it much.Hope you are too.
  • brantelyolivia1320
    • May 2022
    • 24

    Well, heard lot about this place. Could you please share some more details about this place?
    It seems to me a quite interesting place , as being a nature lover I love traveling and discovering such amazing place. I love open sky, spending night under the starry night is another thing that I like mostly. Eagerly waiting for some great adventures over there.