Need a job as Chauffeur or Personal Assistant

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  • kristaevans
    Being a chauffeur and personal assistant, you already have skills in organization and reliability, which are valuable in various fields. While you continue your job search, I wanted to suggest considering a slightly different path - becoming a veterinary assistant. It's a unique and rewarding role, and if you're a fan of animals, it could be a perfect fit. You can learn more about this career option at I know it's a challenging time, but stay positive, keep reaching out, and I'm sure you'll find the right job opportunity.

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  • BadamasiMuhammad
    I can understand how tough it must be after your layoff. It's never easy, but it's great that you're actively looking for new opportunities.

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  • Need a job as Chauffeur or Personal Assistant

    Hi my name is Stanley, I'm looking for a job as chauffeur or personal assistant in Jakarta area

    I got lay off from my company last year, so I need a job right now. I can be contacted at 0859 -1065- 08615 ( prefer WA or message ) because sometimes I might be on road cannot answer or miss your call.

    thanks for your help, have a good day !

    Kind regards,