Looking for a job in the financial services industry in Jakarta

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  • Paul_8215
    • Feb 2014
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    Looking for a job in the financial services industry in Jakarta

    Hi all,

    I'm 31 yrs old and have several years experience at a global exchange in Europe and I am looking for a position in the financial services industry preferably in the (commodities/financial) trading business.

    Have excellent knowledge of the global financial and commodities (especially the energy products like natural gas) markets. I used to work for a few years in operations and moved later to commercial side as account manager. Good knowledge of the full trading cycle (trade execution until settlements) and trading systems. I have strong experience in making operational processes more efficiently, commercial lead in multiple projects, in client on-boarding process, due diligence and KYC, and have a proven track record of generating business by bringing in new clients.
    I do speak the following languages: Dutch (Native), English (Fluently), Bahasa Indonesia (Proficient up to Fluently). I have a great understanding of the Indonesian culture due to my Indonesian roots and I know Jakarta very well.

    I will move to Jakarta around 20 March and any help would be very welcome. If you have any good contacts (expats or locals) in the industry, please let me know. I know Indonesia is a network country and the larger the network of good people the greater the chance of a job. That's why I would like to ask if you have time to meet up for a cup of coffee, please send me a message. If you can't help me directly maybe one of your connections can. Much appreciated.

  • invisible cities
    • Nov 2013
    • 64

    maybe try to polish your linked-in resume, and connect with indonesians headhunter?