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  • Office space - south jakarta

    Now a day Jakarta small entrepreuners, start up, mid to small company having chalange with slow down in business one of it due to the impact from pre and post presedential ellection, investor's still wait and see until inauguration of new President. And that has took more and less 6 months already. Do they survive? Or at least set in survival mode where off need efficiency in every aspects. One of contibutor of high cost in business is office rent, and thats for sure is fixed cost, ussually in average contribute 30% of Operating Expense. So how to manage to reduce follow the downt turn of business and headcounts? There is still in debating whether traditional office rent (bare condition, need fitting in cost, furniture and service charge excludes) is more less cost than service office (fully furnish office with internet, electricity, and general office expenses is includes) probably yes if you have secure revenue and high prospectus of future business opportunities, if the business is in high uncertainty than your office rent cost become provison loss includes future fitting out and penalty (IFRS 16), because tradional office rent is not flexible in term of use of space, price, and length of contract duration, you can not just change it to fit in with your business size. How about Service Office are they offering as flexible as your business requirement? How ever not all provider's of service office are flexible some still using hidding clause to pretect their risk and income as well..but at least for short term service office become smart and wise choise. With service office you will cut your cost with could more than 50%, because you can cut; un utilize space, fitting in and out, electricity, service charge, abudement of phone, internet, office boy and receiptionist, and an addition the term is as flexible as you need.
    Speaking of service office, SERVO is one of recomended provider, which located in outh of Jakarta; Philips New Building 2nd fl buncit kav 100 and Epiwalk 5th fl kawasan Rasuna Epicentrum. What is SERVO offering?
    1. Private Office space for 2 up to 10 work stations with flexible terms of duration ; weekly, monthly and quarterly.
    2. Co-works - You can rent open space for 1 desk or more with term is as flexible as you needed,  pay as you use, hourly, daily or monthly.
    3. Virtual Office - if you need only representative office which require in Jakarta area, you can rent only addres for your domicile of Legalitas company.
    4. Meeting room - you can use free meeting room according your term or book as your business needed.
    Need fast respond on SERVO enquiries you call 08551009091

    One stop solution for better service office and workspace.