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  • einedame
    • Apr 2014
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    Doggie Playdates, Bandung

    Hello, I just moved to Bandung, I have two local mongrels, Missy-Earth Libertarian and Maximilian-Troy Schopenhauer, they were both rescued by Animal Defenders Indonesia, I adopted them since they were little, we rented a house in Bandung, with a huge yard for them to run around, we go for walks everyday as well.

    I was wondering if any of you (living in Bandung) would be interested in having a playdate with us, they haven't been socializing with other dogs for a while, they are trained dogs, they don't bite, very well behaved.

    The thing is I've browsed for dogs club in Bandung, and they mostly accept certain breeds only, it'd be very great if we can hang around with other dogs, Missy & Troy have been vaccinated, they are both healthy and clean, their treatments are as fancy as those received by purebreds, so nothing to worry about.

    Thank you!
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  • LittleMonster
    • Apr 2014
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    Aww they are very cute.

    I would love to have a playdate for my puppy.

    but he doesnt really like other puppy somehow.

    there is one puppy he hates a lot, a big siberian husky lol. he always barks like mad if that cute husky passing by.
    i wonder if puppy can get jealous like a kid, because i played with that husky before. And my puppy has hated that husky ever since. Sigh
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    • Alia
      Harmless Kitten
      • May 2010
      • 3917

      Originally posted by LittleMonster View Post
      i wonder if puppy can get jealous like a kid, .....
      Oh yes, I believe our pet animals could feel jealous. I had 2 siamangs and loved them dearly. They got out of their cage few hours in the day to play with me.

      One day I carried my baby cousin and bring him close to my siamangs' cage. He (the siamang) suddenly acted nasty and looked very angry towards the boy, barking and acting like crazy (okay, barking is for the dogs, whats that for siamang/monkey ?). Didn't want anything bad to happen, since then I never bring any little kids close to the primates. So they too can feel jealous obviously.
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