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  • Aussie@Surabaya
    • Jul 2019
    • 5

    Surabaya Trips - Sharing Taxi

    Keen to do some more day trips out of Surabaya. Anyone in Surabaya want to split cost of Taxi? No specific target in mind, just want to see a bit of country.
  • wafiw30099
    • Jun 2023
    • 7

    Hey there, I'm definitely interested in joining you for a day trip! The idea of exploring new places sounds fantastic. Splitting the cost of a taxi is a smart way to make it more affordable. I'm open to any destination suggestions or if there's a particular place you've been wanting to check out. Let's coordinate and plan a memorable day trip. Feel free to share your thoughts on the date and time that work for you. Excited about the adventure ahead!