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  • Looking for new friends!

    Hi, all,

    I recently relocated to Jakarta for work and am looking for friends to do stuff with on the weekends and occasionally on weeknights.

    I'm 30, female and single. I enjoy working out, reading, drinking wine and exploring. I'd really like to find some friends who are interested in exploring the city and trying new activities. I prefer friends who are women but am open to male friends as well.


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    Adding your location will help. As travel around Jakarta sucks.
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      Hi Kristi, currently I am still in Japan but will be back to Jakarta for good at the end of the month. I am a 30yo Indonesian female, also single. It would be great to have someone to explore the city and maybe some other places as well!


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        I am in central Jakarta, by the way!


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          hi kristy. i suggest you traveling in east indoneisa like nusa tenggara and maluku .nice to know you


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            Hi Kristy, I'm a 28yo single, indonesian female.. Live in South Jakarta since 8months ago, and often hangout in central jakarta..still exploring the city tho only around central and south.. still not used to the crazy traffic jam here, it sucks lol.where are u from btw?
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              If you like wine, try Bacco, in Lotte Avenue. Its the best place for wine. About 30 wines by the glass. They have live music most nights.

              If you like to play pool, then come to Aphrodite, Kunningan. Lots of people there most weekends. Friendly crowd.
              [COLOR=#ff0000]Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds[/COLOR]. Albert Einstein


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                Hi Kristi,
                I live in Central Jakarta near Thamrin Residence. Would like to know you and be friends with you. I'm Indonesian lady also in thirty years old, not that long yet in Jakarta. Where are you exactly in central Jakarta?


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                  Hi Kristi.

                  I'm extremely interested to go around with you and while exploring the city together don't mind at all to do the fun activities together. I'm open with kind activities such as drink coffee or beer and so forth.

                  Let me hear from you.



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                    Hey Kristi nice to meet you I'm win we can explore Jakarta or other area as well if you want thanks