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  • Originally posted by waarmstrong View Post
    Watched my grandson Max's football game on streaming video. He starts for Waubonsie Valley in Naperville, a Chicago suburb. WV won 27 to 6 with Max scoring two touchdowns.
    sounds like you've been having a great and proud weekend... Well played for the 2 touchdowns...


    • Originally posted by jstar View Post
      Congrats Jasmine! I bet you get a nice car (e.g. Suburban) for your sweet sixteen party!

      [SIZE=1]Sorry, but obviously I need to be a supporter of Gigi.[/SIZE]
      Nope, she got bicycle last year.

      Yup, Gigi is very talented young player.


      • Nice to see everyone is enjoying there weekend

        Myself I'm taking it easy
        My leg his healing well, I'm even surprise how fast the hole is closing.
        I also got a flu which is now going away - yesterday a was a mess.

        Last night, before go sleep, my older start to feel bad. She said her belly hurt. She pass the whole night with a little fever.

        Finaly this morning everyone wake up with a smile.

        it will be a nice day
        La motivation vient en se motivant ~ Motivation come by self-motivation


        • last nite i got a reunion with my colleagues from my old company. was schedule from 3- 5 pm ( some housewives prefer to be home before dark) .. and the naughty ones stay late .. with wine and and juicy gossips and the updates. i reached home at 11 PM. .. still dizzy this morning
          dont judge a book by it cover. judge it by it price. good books are expensive


          • Finaly THE question come!

            Last week coming back from school my girl ask me:
            Papa, why my hair not black?
            Her class is fill with mostly chinese, they all have dark black and her she is pale brown with (natural) red reflect.

            I show her picture of when I was baby and all blondy - I had turn fast dark red and nor brown

            2 days later she come back to me after school with a:
            Aku orang apa?
            It take me a while before understand what she mean as it was totaly out of nowhere.
            When I realize what she was talking about I told her:
            You are indonesian
            She give me a look like "what are you talking about"
            Yah yah you are canadian AND indonesian. Tell people you are indonesian.
            She said "ok" and go back play (or fight with her sister).

            One time per week she got chinese course... This add to the 3 other. Start to have too much!
            La motivation vient en se motivant ~ Motivation come by self-motivation


            • Originally posted by PhilippeD View Post
              It will be alright Gab.

              Right after fall everything was wash with antiseptic wipe (not the best but better than nothing) arrived at home I clean well everything and cover everything with a kind of antiseptic paste (sticky).

              This morning nothing was bleeding anymore. The antiseptic paste keep thhink moist... Good for the beginning, but now I want it dry!
              Everything was clean so I just put a dry bandage upper it for protect it. It should be dry by tonight. After that it would be a matter of time for everything to heal.

              Don't worry I will keep a close eyes on this, if anything seem slighty wrong I will go see a doctor.

              For the pain... It's not that bad. Only the scratch hurt.
              I'm even surprise that nothing hurt that much this morning (front leg is not a particularly sensible place)

              Hope you healed ok Phillippe, I use Listerine (the brown stuff) as disinfectant. It was disinfectant before it was ever a mouthwash. Also I still have a couple of tubes of Polysporin I brought from Canada. BTW has anyone seen Polysporin or a suitable substitute here?


              • Betadine is for sale everywhere.

                In MIMS you can find all registered medication of RI btw. (Free.)
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                • I know absolutely nothing about drug
                  I never use them, not even for headache.

                  My medical kit contain almost nothing more than plaster and medical tape.
                  I use to have a bottle of tincture of iodine, it hurt like hell but nothing beat that for heal a scratch. I lost the bottle and can't find anything similar here.
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                  • Eh guys, Betadine is (contains) Iodine. It is the generic brand name which is sold here. Yellow package, for sale as OTC in every pharmacy.

                    Polysporin I never heard of, Neosporin yes. But I'm not so crazy about antibiotics for everything.
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                    • In age of 28 I become a model.... with master degree
                      Welcome to Indonesia


                      • Phil, how's the leg? I hope it heals very soon.

                        I just got back from backpacking through Lombok and everyone in the office are commenting on how dark I become. Keep telling them that I actually sunbathed there, and they keep commenting about how i should be on shades and wear layers to cover the skin from the sun. I feel sexy with my newly tanned skin but people keep mocking my tanned skin. So I told them "If you're not comfortable with your own skin, don't make others feel the same. Unlike you, I feel super sexy in anyway. It's never about how I look, it's about how I feel about it."
                        And that's how I'm likely to have lunch alone today.

                        Princess Consuela Bananahammock


                        • Oh Also, i feel like there's still sand in my both ears. any advice of how to get rid of it?

                          Princess Consuela Bananahammock


                          • Originally posted by Phalange View Post
                            Oh Also, i feel like there's still sand in my both ears. any advice of how to get rid of it?
                            Close your mouth, pinch your nose and blow hard until it make "pop" in your hear.
                            And everything will be fine!
                            La motivation vient en se motivant ~ Motivation come by self-motivation


                            • My leg goes well, all scratch have disapear and the hole is slowly closing. No sign of infection.
                              The hole is not still all dry, there is still a small spot who is watering (clear liquid) but almost nothing. By next week everything will have disapear.

                              Overall it's going very well.
                              La motivation vient en se motivant ~ Motivation come by self-motivation


                              • Two year ago I bought a small scooter for the older one. The younger was too much young for that.

                                4 day ago the younger decide to try it. She will 4 soon and her ability development on the scooter goes like this:
                                First day: trouble to stand on and push it in same time
                                Second day: can stand and push but on in strait line.
                                Third day: can turn easily
                                Fourt day: can do strait line without holding with the hand!

                                Now she use it EVERYDAY and she park it in front of her bedroom door like someone would park his car in front of his house.
                                She also play that she "visit us". She come in the room told us "bye bye" goes on her scooter and make a turn around the table, come back to our door, park the scooter and knock and wait we answer. She get in wait 3 second and repeat ...
                                La motivation vient en se motivant ~ Motivation come by self-motivation