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Kids and family in Makassar

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  • Kids and family in Makassar

    Hello All. My husband and I are planning to possibly move to Makassar, South Sulawesi, next year for a year. We are family of 4 with a 3 year old and a one year old. My husband would be volunteering under the Australian volunteer program. I’ll be looking after the kids. We have both lived and worked in various parts of the world and are keen to have a family adventure. I have a few questions but I am also looking for general ideas and advice? What kind of accomodation is available for families? What is Makassar like for kids?
    Any suggestions related to settling in and making life easier for a newly arrived family? Thank you.

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    I don't know Makassar but I would alert you about the visa your husband needs to get , if the Volunteer Program will not provide assistance on that . There is no specific Indonesian Visa for volunteering and illegal work is a crime in Indonesia , so better be 100% sure to get a special authorization for volunteering , if not with the Work & Holiday Visa . (About Indonesia)


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      Hi Marcus, thank you for letting us know. We are just applying at this stage but visas and insurance etc will be formally organised as part of the program.


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        I would appreciate if later you tell us which kind of Indonesian Visa your husband will use .


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          I have also applied for a position with AVI in Makassar. Mine is a 6 month deployment. I have the third interview next Monday. If all goes well I think I will be there about April next year.

          The information I have is that the visa is worked out directly with DFAT.

          I am looking at accommodation too. The allowance is AU$300 per month. Not seen much available near to the hospital where I would be working.


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            Makassar is a very exciting place located in the city of South Sulawesi, Indonesia and there are lots of activities for kids. There are lots of parks throughout the city, Losari beach is a famous place where kids can have full entertainment. Makassar is also provided with lots of museums such as the Fort Rotterdam Museum you can take your child to that museum. There are large numbers of shopping malls with lots of entertainment stuff for kids. In short, Makassar is a very good place to explore, you will have a great time with your family and enjoy the fullest of that adorable place, and yes don't forget to take proper precautions for your health.