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Private bahasa tutor for finance professional

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  • Private bahasa tutor for finance professional

    I recently moved to Jakarta, live in Kuningan.
    Must learn bahasa to deal with routine situations: talking to driver, house-keepers, hotel staff, sales persons.
    Evenings or weekends. Generous pay.
    Write with your details, availability, expected payment
    whatsapp +65 96225626 (call only after fixing time)

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    You could also search the internet for something like : bahasa indonesia les privat di kuningan jakarta , indonesian language private lessons in kuningan jakarta


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      A few months ago there was a person advertising about private Indonesian Tuition. Here is the link
      Do you tire of struggling to find Indonesian lessons that can improve your listening and speaking skills? Now you can enhance your Indonesian while doing activities through Bipaloka Lessons. Check out our free lesson on our YouTube channel here! (

      I do not know his guy so can not share experience, but you might want to contact him. Regarding private conversation of personal finance I do not think you will need a specialist business language teacher.
      Alternatively you might want to search it. There is reasonable number of Indonesian language teacher would want to do that.
      With the video interactive technology nowadays it is much easy to get p4p private tuition in any subject.