Title : Don't Make the Wrong Choice, Here's the Difference Between a Tourist Visit Visa and a Visa on Arrival , 19 April 202

- Not all nationalities are eligible for VoA. Only 97 countries can obtain VoA, whereas Tourist Visa can be applied for by citizens of any country.

- Upon initial issuance, VoA holders are permitted to stay in Indonesia for 30 days. In contrast, Tourist Visa holders can remain in the country for up to 60 days.

- VoA can be acquired for a fee of Rp. 500.000,-. In comparison, foreigners applying for Tourist Visa will pay 3 times that amount, or Rp. 1.500.000,-, for a duration of stay twice as long as VoA holders.

- VoA can be obtained directly at the Immigration Checkpoint at the Airport or Port upon arrival or applied for electronically beforehand through Meanwhile, foreigners applying for Tourist Visa online must first create an account on

- VoA can be directly granted to applicants regardless of whether they apply in person or online, without requiring an account or guarantor.

- For Tourist Visa , foreigners must have an account and/or guarantor beforehand and wait for a maximum of 5 working days for the visa verification process. If approved, the electronic visa will be sent to the email addresses of both the guarantor and the registered foreigner.

- VoA can only be extended once for an additional 30 days. Extensions can be done online at (specifically for e-voa) or in person at any immigration office throughout Indonesia.

- Tourist Visa can be extended for a total stay of 180 days. Extensions can also be done online through or in person at any immigration office throughout Indonesia.