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Family and Inheritance Law lawyer in Jakarta

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  • Family and Inheritance Law lawyer in Jakarta

    I'm in need of a a lawyer specializing in Family and Inheritance Law in Jakarta, need to be able to communicate in English and draft a statement in English. Any recommendations?

    A foreign government has put the onus on me to prove how matters of Family and Inheritance Law are conducted in Indonesia, instead of finding out themselves through their diplomatic channels, so I need a sworn statement on some aspects of this.

    All assets are outside of Indonesia and division of the inheritance has been done some years ago already, but the foreign govt wants to know if the inheritance should have been registered in Indonesia with a court/other govt instance, since the inheritors - inheriting from their grandparent - are underaged children with permanent residence in Indonesia; dual citizens of both other govt and Indonesia.

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    If you didn't do yet , I suggest you to search the internet for something like : pengacara hukum waris , inheritance lawyer in Indonesia , ...

    In Indonesia I always prefer to ask my Indonesian friend to contact the Indonesian professionals , because in many cases prices are higher for foreigners or if a foreign language is mentioned . Sworn translators for Indonesian/English are easily available in Indonesia (many do the job online) .