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  • Return ticket for Sosbud Visa


    is it required to buy a "return ticket to ur country" to get a sosbud visa ? or just the ticket to indonesia ?


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    Yes... Just to be on the safe side...
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      I didn't have a return ticket when I got my Sosbud from the R.I. Embassy in the U.S., but it "officially" says that you must have one.


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        Just have one to be on the safe side...
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          It can be any ticket to go out of Indonesia , not only a return ticket . Some suggested a air ticket to Singapore or Kuala Lumpur , some suggested a cheap ferry ticket (Batam-Singapore) , some suggested just a reservation ,..


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              How about somebody who already got a social visa from the Consul in their country (without having to show a return ticket). Is it possible or likely they'll have to show a return ticket at the airport on arrival?


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                Originally posted by Bali_Freak View Post
                How about somebody who already got a social visa from the Consul in their country (without having to show a return ticket). Is it possible or likely they'll have to show a return ticket at the airport on arrival?
                you may not be asked for it but it is always better you have one


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                  I'm surprised if an RI Embassy or Consul would issue a Sosbud without seeing and copying a return ticket. I have applied numerous times in Vancouver Canada, once in Hong Kong and twice in Kuala Lumpur and always had to leave a copy of a return ticket...and yet have never been asked on arrival in Jakarta or Bali.

                  Also, the issuance of a Sosbud by an Embassy or Consul does NOT guarantee entry into RI. This is dependant on the Immigration Officer on arrival. I've never heard of anyone being denied but it is so stated on the pre-amble to the application.


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                    I used social visa (sosial budaya , sosbud) during about 7 years and only 2 times I presented the return ticket at the Embassy (only when I bough the ticket in my country , because airlines there don't sell only one way ticket) . All the other times I got the visa (in my country , Singapore , and Kuala Lumpur) , I never presented any return ticket neither any ticket to go out of Indonesia . And fortunately I was never asked for the ticket when entering Indonesia or by airlines , except once in Argentina (I just explained my situation).
                    I was always prepared to prove that I had enough money to stay in Indonesia and buy a ticket when I decided to go back to my country . I may risk to have to pay a small bribe sometimes , but I hate to buy a ticket and later lose it or have to pay fees to change dates . I think this requirement of a ticket to leave the country is to avoid the country to deport a person and having to pay for his/her ticket . But if you prove you can buy it anytime , why you still must have it ?
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                      The following is a copy/paste of the requirements for a Sosbud from the RI Consul in Vancouver, Canada.....

                      Social Cultural Visa

                      A single entry Social-Culture Visit Visa is valid if presented within 3 (three) months from the date of issuance.

                      A Social - Cultural Visa will be granted to conduct socio-culture activities (family gathering; social organizations; exchange visits between educational institutions; undertaking research and attending training programme in Indonesia etc.)

                      A Social Culture Visa could be extended in Indonesia and could be converted into a Temporary Stay Visa.

                      Approval from the Immigration Office in Indonesia is needed for applicants who wish to stay longer than 60 days which must be applied for by the applicant’s sponsor/relative/friends who reside/base in Indonesia. Visa will only be issued by the Consulate Office after receiving the authorization direct from the Immigration office in Indonesia.

                      Visa Requirements:

                      Original passport, valid for more than 6 (six) months beyond the intended length of stay. Visa application Form completed in full with 1 (one) recent colour passport size photographs Letter of invitation from relative in Indonesia. For those who have Indonesian parent/spouse, must submit a copy of the valid Indonesia passport and round trip flight itinerary. [COLOR="red"]Copy of confirmed round trip Airline ticket/ Electronic ticket. [/COLOR]Visa fee C$55.00 in the form of a money order only, payable to the The Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia.

                      VISA APPLICATION


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                        Davita , most of the Indonesian Embassies do include the ticket as one of the requirements , except the Singapore one which states : [...3. Return ticket for Tourist Visa ; Sponsor letter for Social or Business Visa ...] :

                        What I meant in my former post was that , I think , fortunately Indonesian immigration usually don't make it an impediment to issue the sosbud (social) visa . I believe this kind of requirement (return ticket) make sense for USA , for example . Many people from my country had been sent back after being questioned at their arrival in USA , even with a hard to get USA's legal visa .
                        Although Indonesia may also had deported people without a ticket , the percentage is probably very small (and from these few irresponsible people , some certainly came with a return ticket but let it expire) . Does not make sense to require it from everybody causing everybody to , probably , lose money with it .
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                          I totally agree Marcus...It makes no sense for those who attend an RI Embassy or Consul...are basically interviewed about any long-term visit application...still be required to show a return ticket.
                          To show sufficient funds should suffice.
                          It does in most other countries.

                          But where is there any sense in the way Indonesian Immigration Authority works. They even contradict themselves and disagree with their own Govt.Tourist Dept. Policy.

                          I just think that it is wise for us, answering questions from others planning a visit, to advise according to procedure.
                          This prevents those in Immigration from saying that many are arriving with incorrect documentation, and having an excuse to 'hinder' visitors to RI.

                          We are going to KL again next month and I'll be sure to have an 'out of RI ticket' and include many copies to support our Sosbud application. I'll report on progress on return.


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                            I am very on the legal side of the procedures , but when I face with a requirement that doesn't make sense , if I see an alternative that will not hurt anybody , I will tend to choose it . I am not suggesting or recommending anybody to do it , but just telling my experience and opinion .
                            And you can see in the thread below that this ticket requirement seems to be really weak by what other posters experienced :

                            Good trip to KL , and remember to consider what a poster said in the thread below : now they seem to do one day visa only to Malaysian residents .

                            If you are not too familiar to KL , see my experience here :
                            Kuala Lumpur (KL) is a good alternative for people who want to get an Indonesian visa . I got there some Visit Visas - Social Cultural/Family - single entry (


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                              Thanks for the reminder and the info Marcus.
                              We are applying for the multi-entry Sosbud here in Jakarta and collecting from we did last year. This time we will stay in KL for about a week and tour around, as we are not too familiar with the city.
                              We both have MM2H visas for Malaysia so will be interesting to see if the RI Embassy treats us as Malaysian residents.