getting re-possessed items back from customs

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  • tonycurran
    • Jan 2023
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    getting re-possessed items back from customs

    Hi All,
    Last year Fedex messed up an export of my clothes and shoes to Sweden and the goods were returned to Indonesia but not labelled as return to sender- Indonesian customs impounded them as they contained Batik shirts and i dont have a licence to import Batik from Indonesia to Indonesia... Fedex have been worse than useless -and this is typical of how they behave
    Long story short- there are 2 boxes of my clothes sitting in a customs warehouse at Jakarta Airport and these are "property of the state".
    Indonesian officers will not release them to me -even after dark, and they are proposing to destroy them.
    Obviously i would like to get them back but almost everyone i have tried has failed.
    Is there any suggestions out there - i did email the customs web site, Fedex and many more but as i said nobody wants to know.?
  • marcus
    • Jul 2008
    • 9238

    I am sorry but neither I know nor (in more than 15 years in this Forum) I don't remember of anyone who could help you .

    I guess it would be better to just forget about , because if they let you get back the 2 boxes , the fee for the time they kept them in the airport's warehouse would be very expensive .

    If you still want to try , maybe you can get help from importers (search the internet for something like : jasa impor barang) .


    • smickerie
      • Jun 2015
      • 14

      I had a somewhat similar experience.

      About 10 years ago I had sent two 50kg packages of quality second hand clothing from Europe to Jakarta. I was testing the waters to see if I could successfully get the goods into the country and sell them at a profit. Nope.

      The packages never got past customs. There were some weird fees to be paid in cash. In the end it wasn't worth it. I imagine the packages are rotting somewhere in some store room in customs - or perhaps they made out of customs somehow by somebody. Does anyone have some insight here?