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  • Forum Software Migration Hiccup Thread

    Found an issue that we missed?
    Something misplaced?

    Reply below with as much technical detail as possible. Thanks!
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    Thanks for all the hard work behind the scenes! Quick question, is it possible to bring back the desktop view option? The automatic view adjust is hard to get used to on mobile. 

    thank you. 


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      I see that "new posts" has been replaced with "new topics." I enjoy seeing what's been newly posted, but once I open a thread and read the new stuff, I usually don't want to see it again until something new is once again posted. The feature where threads you have opened do not show up on the new posts/topics list until a new post is made on the thread seems to have been removed. Now when the "new topics" list comes up its the same whether or I have opened the thread or not since the past post. Is that the way it is with the updated software?

      If there is a setting to purge the new topics list of threads I have viewed since the latest entry, please let me know what adjustment to make. If that feature is gone, I would like to see it reinstated.


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        Similar to waarmie's post above: what is the new way to "mark all posts read"? "Mark channels read" option does not seem to be doing it.


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          omg, I finally found where to comment.

          I agree with Rabbit- thanks for all the hard work behind the scenes- it is appreciated... now can we just GO BACK to how it was please- this is WAAAAAY too different to the old set up. I am not some 20 something techie... I am just a NORMAL person.
          I don't like this at all.
          I have no idea where to find stuff & I use a desktop computer, not a dumb-phone.
          Cicak Magnet


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            My Profile picture got smaller


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              So, I will try again... I can only access this thread to post, if I "view activity"
              and then I post and it doesn't show up, even though- yes I did hit post reply

              The keep me logged in doesn't

              The layout is all wrong- I have a huge blank screen and a stupid thin strip at the side...

              I would suggest you make a thread of instructions.
              In short I hate it.

              & yes, as Rabbit says thank you for the behind the scenes hard work... but for this new format - thanks but no thanks
              Cicak Magnet


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                When I click "new topics" and sort for "Relevance" I get a list that seems to be sorted by date of most recent post, but when I click on the thread, the most recent post listed on the relevance list is not included in the thread. I have to click "latest activity" to get the most recent post and then it's in bassackwards order. To get it sorted in descending date order, I have to click "posts" again and then the most recent post, which was not there when I opened the thread is then listed as the latest post at end of the thread. This is counterintuitive and way too much effort to get to the place that I should be taken too in the first place. This is not an improvement.

                It would seem that sorting by "date last updated" would produce a list of threads sorted in order of the thread with the most recent post and on down. That is not the case. I am not sure what the sort parameters are, but whatever they are, they are not particularly intuitive.


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                  Seems like the time clock showing when a post is made is about 25 minutes fast.


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                    I changed my settings to list 40 posts per page and then clicked "save." Tried to change it twice but I am still stuck on 15 per page. Please make the new program recognize and implement changes in settings. 15 might be fine for those using dinky hand phones, but it's another unnecessary amount of clicking from my perspective.


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                      The post I just made is the one shown on the "date last updated" list, but it's not here when the thread is opened.Don't you think it should be? Maybe this one will disappear, as well.

                      edit #1: Seems you have to continuously update the site to get the latest posts in a thread, and I mean every time you change anything.

                      Edit #2: So ya, I just did the above edit and then changed from latest activity to posts and the edit was not there. Had to click Google's clockwise circling arrow and after that the edit appeared. Arcane.
                      Last edited by waarmstrong; 05-07-16, 17:07.


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                        Can't say I like this update at all. Each time I visit the site, I have to log in again, even if the "stayed log in" box is checked.

                        Sasa Bule is having a bayi!


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                          Originally posted by Jaime C View Post
                          Can't say I like this update at all. Each time I visit the site, I have to log in again, even if the "stayed log in" box is checked.
                          Ditto. I discovered it and it comes as a sour surprise I was not prepared to.
                          At least, if I don't find the time to learn to use it, it will give you guys a rest.


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                            thanks also for the work you do. Only issue I've had was my old bookmark didn't work. Fortunately I'm getting the hang of this new computer thingy and was able to make a new one


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                              Originally posted by ScooterIndo View Post
                              My Profile picture got smaller
                              Scoot, you are only half the man you used to be...

                              The new site is not working well for me. I use Safari, so maybe that's part of the reason. In any case, I am not staying logged in even though I checked the "remember me" box. When I click "latest activity" I get an error message that says "unable_to_contact_server_please_try_again."

                              This thread is in "expat chat" - I went looking for it in "forum life", which is where this sort of topic would usually go.

                              And hey, all my reputation bricks (and everyone else's) are red now!
                              Last edited by Puspawarna; 05-07-16, 22:42.