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  • chicken-katsu
    • Aug 2008
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    Modelling Agency for Kids

    Does anyone knows a good Modelling Agency for Kids in Jakarta? Or have experience with Kids Agency?

    Well, there's this lady left me a message on my Friendster

    'buat anak nya ,mau tawarin buat iklan
    susu,bisa krm foto nya ke ikl4n2@,sekalian biodata dan no hp nya thx
    tasya alamat nya jln tawakal 8 no2a grogol jakbar'
    I also read about agencies that only wants your money.
    Scamming people. So I'm not really sure.
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  • Dee_Ann
    • Nov 2008
    • 59

    buy "PELUANG KERJA" newspaper, there are many agency addresses in there.

    Adjie Notonegoro, Oki Asokawati have their own modelling agency but i dont know the name of their schools.


    • Pamela
      • Sep 2008
      • 14

      experience or advice

      I would imagine every mom has the passing thought - your kid is the cutest, they must need a model as cute as he/she.....

      Anyone have experience with modeling their kids in Indonesia - any English-speaking agency?


      • yenny_sands
        • Mar 2009
        • 12

        noone knows modelling agency for kids?


        • gingerrbread

          GingerrBread model and talent agency is in Jakarta. There are NO fees in joining but we select who we will represent. Check


          • saigon
            • Nov 2011
            • 293

            What is the youngest age for a child to model? Can my 5 months old join already?
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            • Jaime C
              • Jan 2011
              • 5235

              Do you think a 5 month old really wants to model?
              Sasa Bule is having a bayi!


              • Puspawarna
                • Dec 2008
                • 10539

                My son was a model for Baseball when he was around 5 - someone saw him in a mall with his dad and asked if he could model.

                It didn't go all that well - the agency called up the day before to ask his clothing size, and because his grandmother had bought him enough clothes to last for the next three years, I had no idea. Turns out I guessed wrong and there was no room for error - they brought ONLY one size of clothing, not slightly larger and smaller just in case.

                So the clothes were enormous on him and he didn't look that great. But there was a photo of him hanging in Pasar Raya for a while!

                Thus endeth my son's modeling career. We got paid in vouchers for free clothing, which we wisely selected in very large sizes thanks to said grandmother having already taken care of his needs for the next several years.

                I think he finally outgrew his last Baseball shirt when he was around 11.


                • nd_eric_77
                  • Sep 2010
                  • 433

                  Alternative take:
                  I have a student who is in the whole modelling and acting scene. She goes through phases when she misses *A LOT* of school. She actually recovers fairly well, and her grades are about average. However, I have gotten a bad impression of the modelling industry in Jakarta due to her and other kids' experiences. The employers seem to have very little regard for the children's educational needs. Therefore, my wife and I have turned down multiple modelling opportunities for our kids. The only modelling they have done is the occasional amateur photo shoot for school advertisements and other school publications.

                  I do not judge people who choose to have their children do professional modelling, but it is not for us.
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                  • travelNteach
                    • Oct 2013
                    • 92

                    The agency should not be charging you any money. They normally take 10-20% for giving you leads and meeting you at the casting location. Some of they nego the fee and who knows how much they are taking off of that. There are also a lot of schools the promise to turn children into stars, but i wouldnt waste the money. It is a read grind until you become famous enough not to have to do casting calls and are just hired straight away.