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Look for electronics - TV, Refrigerator, etc

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  • Look for electronics - TV, Refrigerator, etc

    Hi, I am Richard.
    In August will move to a new house, so pretty much it is still very empty.
    If you have items to offer, feel free send me a whatsapp message (+62 81803278388).

    In general, electronic or non-electronic items are fine as well.
    I would be more than happy to get some update from you.

    Thank you.

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    hi sir, what you need a maid also?


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      what kind of furniture or electronic that you need ? new product or second ?


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        Hi Diana, second product in good condition would be perfect.


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          well this is just my opinion, i think a new product is much better.
          u can find new product with a cheap price by online shop in Indonesia, sometimes second product is quite expensive.. so better new product


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            Hi Richard: We have so much secondhand stuff - totally negotiable on prices with money going to help street animals get vet help. guaranteed good karma all round. if you need a second or backup fridge we have a very dependable 150-liter size refrigerator - Toshiba super cool direct one-door fridge. It's a bit vintage but with a new icebox professionally installed last year and freon gas refreshed too.. (rp 800,000 OBO)
            -- a solid wood desk with a newly refinished desktop. Dimensions: (length) 2 meters by 90 centimeters by (height) 80 cm. Three drawers on either side and recessed seating area on the opposite side for team work. (asking rp 1,900,000 - OBO) we can help find delivery transport.
            cheers and all the best to you and your family here !
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