Buying a mac in Jakarta

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  • Catbert6
    • Aug 2012
    • 43

    Buying a mac in Jakarta

    I am thinking about buying an iMac after I arrive from Australia.

    I have a couple of questions if anyone can help:
    • where / how to buy?
    • prices - how to get advice on prices before arrival - comparison with prices in Australia?

    Any advice much appreciated


  • topsykretts
    • Apr 2012
    • 459

    bob; there's many apple stores/resellers around. e.g:

    1/ EMAX in kemang (Jalan Kemang Raya No. 45A). here's their website: but for some reason, i can't open it from the office. it might give you an idea of prices and promotions?!
    2/ iBox in some of the major malls in jakarta. but i can't find their price.
    3/ infinite asia in some of the major malls in jakarta. but no prices too. their parent site (in singapore) has singapore listed prices though.

    you may be able to bargain from the small stores in the "computer" malls but i have doubts regarding their authenticity and reliability. and always bring a local if you're up for the challenge. i think the general sentiment from people in indonesia is to get your apple products from singapore where it could be a couple hundred dollars cheaper.
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    • El_Goretto
      • Sep 2010
      • 4295

      Just check out They have all the prices as well as a list of authorised resellers.


      • JackD
        • Sep 2012
        • 15

        Indonesia is absolutely terrible for buying Apple products. A word of advice from someone who tried to do the same as you... BUY YOUR iMAC IN AUSTRALIA BEFORE LEAVING!!

        Although pricing in Indonesia for Macs is no more expensive than Australia, availability of up-to-date products is terrible. I was looking at the Late 2012 iMac earlier this year and it took almost 6 months for it to even become available. I expect the recently updated iMac won't be available in Indonesia until next year. I also wanted to order a customised iMac, which is just a lost cause. EMAX, iBox.. it just doesn't matter, they are all the same.

        There are rumours of an Apple store opening in Jakarta and Apple Online Store coming back to Indonesia.. However no recents updates on this. I am unfortunately now stuck with my old iMac with no foreseeable upgrade possible.