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    I'm a Electronic hobbist, doing PCB related job. Usually i'm using PCB from local product. Worried about their product quality, usually i'm working on 4 layar PCB. Now i'm looking World best PCB manufacturer thats fulfilled my demands. thanks guys looking for your reply. Engineer Remon.

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    what is PCB ??


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      Originally posted by shaking head View Post
      what is PCB ??
      Pop Corn Buckets?
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        Pitch....good to have you around here, now I know at least.


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          Googled it. A bad chemical or in this case it looks to be Printed Circuit Boards.
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            As usual: engineers and communication -- oil and water.


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              Originally posted by fastpitch17 View Post
              Googled it...Printed Circuit Boards.
              You gotta love PCBs.
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                Originally posted by remon789 View Post
                ...Now i'm looking World best PCB manufacturer thats fulfilled my demands.
                I bet one will pop up here within the next 24-hours, ready to fulfill your needs.
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                  PCB Manufacturing Service and Printed Circuit Board Production Service

                  I have been using Futurlec for about 3 years without a hitch. They are based near Bangkok, Thailand. Their prices are great and the boards they produce are good quality. If you need support to get your board working - i.e you have made a mistake with your layout - they charge an extra fee of says $50 - 100 dollars and they are really knowledgable about electronics and will tell you if they think your layout will fail (trust me I know ).

                  On the downside...

                  they are sometimes hard to communicate with as I suspect they rely on google translate when dealing with foreign clients.

                  they have a strange procedure for ordering (you will figure it out once you email them)

                  They do not produce prototype boards - they just send the board layout in PDF format with all associated layers. So you need be very confident that you can read these files and know that everything will work before you give the green light for "print" or you could lose your money

                  Everyone on the support team seems to have the name "Bee"

                  Having said all that the boards I produce are only single sided hobby boards (guitar/audio analogue) so cannot comment on multi sided pcb's.

                  hope this helps